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C US Bank believes in the value of open and honest communication and welcomes the opportunity for the public to make comments on our facebookFacebook page or Twitter handle. However, we have established rules to maintain a “family friendly” and “work-safe” site.

C US Bank reserves the right to remove an entire comment—or sections thereof—when the comment’s content includes any of the following: advertising; profanity; language that is abusive toward C US Bank or other commentors; personal attacks; content that promotes hate or attacks groups of people based on ethnic, religious, or other criteria; discussions of (or advocacy for) political or religious points-of-view; content that strays far off topic from the original blog post; non-public personal information such as account numbers, or content deemed to not be legally appropriate to include on a corporate page. If C US Bank removes a section of a comment, we will indicate in the comment that a section has been removed and we will explain why.

By submitting a comment on our Facebook page or Twitter handle, you agree that the text of the comment is your own and its site, C US Bank and its representatives, are not liable for any and all repercussions and/or damages that may occur as a result of your post.