We know that owning and running a business takes a lot of time and energy. Managing your finances to maximize your time, inventory, and sales is crucial for any business’ success. At C US Bank, we understand that having a more efficient way to do business saves everyone in the long run. That’s why we have created several solutions to help you along the way. Please take some time to browse through the products and services that we have to offer. We work to partner with our commercial customers, identifying and offering solutions that make sense for each customer. C US today to get started.

Dedicated Staff to Support Services

C US Bank has an experienced staff able to support the varied services we offer at all of our branch offices. We offer hands on assistance, traveling to customer locations when necessary.

Remote Deposit - Check 21

You can take checks over the counter and then at the end of the day, scan all items and transmit a total image file to the bank for processing. The bank then imports them into the work for the day. The checks are held at the business, no deposit is brought to the bank. Checks are shredded by the business based on a schedule set by the business.

ARC (Accounts Receivable Check)

A customer that accepts checks mailed to them can scan them, the checks are converted to ACH (Automatic Clearing House). The ACH file is routed to the bank for processing. Only businesses taking in payments via mail (lockbox) can utilize this option. Checks are shredded by the business based on a schedule set by the business.

Many businesses may utilize a mixture of Check 21 and ARC. The scanner software employed has the logic built in to determine which way the check should be sent.

Cash Management Services

Business customers can enjoy the ability to create ACH files and transmit them to the bank for processing using the secure online Banking connection. Customers who utilize our online Cash Management services have set up employee payroll, customer billing, and transfer funds between accounts at C US Bank and accounts at other financial institutions. It’s easy and convenient with C US Bank offering personal hands-on assistance during set up, training, and continued use.

Using our ACH origination solution could mean that you would no longer need to write physical checks. We offer this service at no cost to our customers.