Our Technology Plan

  • C US Bank has a three year rolling technology plan that will ensure that your company will continue to reap the benefits that new bank technology can offer into the future.
  • When reviewing new technology, we look for one main benefit:

Does the technology make the customer’s business more efficient, thus saving them time and money?




Retail Sales Manager, Tasha Hart, (right) and Assistant Retail Sales Manager, Amy Sorenson, are able to support the varied services we have to offer. They are shown with a credit card machine (left) and scanner for remote deposit. We offer hands on assistance, traveling to customer locations when necessary.


Cash Management Services
Business customers can enjoy the ability to create ACH files and transmit them to the bank for processing using the secure Online Banking connection. Customers who utilize our Online Cash Management services have set up employee payroll, customer billing, and transfer funds between accounts at C US Bank and accounts at other financial institutions. It’s easy and convenient with C US Bank offering personal hands-on assistance during set up, training, and continued use.
Using our ACH origination solution could mean that you would no longer need to write physical checks. We offer this service at no cost to our customers.
Corporate Credit Cards & Business Debit Cards
C US Bank partners with Elan to offer: Visa Business Travel, Platinum Business Rewards, and Visa Business. These cards come with many attractive features. In addition, a commercial customer can receive centralized billing (billing with consolidated card activity.) An added bonus is that C US Bank accepts credit card payments at each of their locations, saving a stamp, and no mail delay! New to C US Bank are our Business Debit Cards. Each business can have as many cards as they need. See us for more details!
Merchant Processing
C US Bank partners with Elavon to offer our commercial customers a merchant processing solution that’s personal and tailored to their business needs. Allowing customers the ability to make purchases with credit cards/debit cards, the business can increase customer satisfaction and sales. We meet with our commercial customers and determine a solution that fits their needs, assist in equipment purchasing if necessary, and determine the best discount rate possible. We then offer personal, hands-on assistance with installation, training and continued use of the merchant processing solution to ensure satisfaction.