What are E-statements?

Signing up for E-Statments means that you will receive an e-mail to alert you when your bank statement or notice is ready for viewing. When you agree to enroll in E-Statement Delivery you will no longer receive a paper statement; but your statement will be available for you to view when you login into online banking.

The enrollment process for E-Statements is four quick, easy steps, with a confirmation e-mail sent as soon as you are enrolled. Simply log on to online Banking and click on the E-STMT tab.

E-Statement features:

  • View your statements online (including images).
  • Receive notices via e-mail (e.g. Overdraft, Customer Activity notices)
  • The ability to send copies of your statements and notices up to three additional e-mail addresses instead of just one. For example: your home, your work, and your accountant.
  • A reconciliation tool to help balance your account easily online.

Why choose E-Statements?

  • FREE!
  • Faster than paper mail! Can’t be lost or stolen!
  • Reduces clutter! Store your statement on your computer.
  • Saves paper!
  • Statements accessible for 60 days for you to view, print or save.

How can I sign up?

  • Login to your online banking using the login button to the left on this screen.
  • Once logged in, click on the E-STMT tab and follow the instructions.
  • Save your statements on your computer for use at a later date!