Welcome To the VIP Connection

We believe that loyalty has its rewards and we're pleased to offer a program of added benefits to our VIP customers who are 50 years or older. We invite you to join them.

VIP Connection Benefits:

  • Travel Opportunities- We offer a variety of trips one day and extended, weekdays and weekends for your pleasure and life schedule.
  • Free Debit Card.
  • Newsletter - Your newsletter is published regularly to keep you informed of all VIP Connection activities.
  • Group Activities - Trips to exciting destinations, luncheons, mystery trips, entertainment and more!

Membership Qualifications

  • Customers must have an active deposit or loan account with C US Bank.
  • Must be 50 years of age or older

VIP Connection Newsletter

Upcoming VIP Events

Canyon Country - April 9-17, 2015

Imperial Cities - August 31-September 10, 2015


Learn to Earn Program

Learn to Earn is a savings program for students in Preschool/Playgroup through 12th grade (ages 3-18). The purpose of the program is to reward and encourage students to keep learning. Please click on your school district below for when you should come in to receive your payment for your report card.

Howard-Winneshiek Community School District

Charles City School District

All Other School Districts