To earn you interest…


  • $25 minimum opening deposit
  • Competitive interest
  • Up to 6 withdrawals per month, $5.00 per debit in excess
  • FREE ATM card available

Optimum Return Account

Choose Optimum Return if earning maximum interest is your goal.

  •     * $25 minimum opening deposit
  •     * $2,500 minimum daily balance required to avoid a fee
  •     * Up to 6 withdrawals per statement cycle
  •     * Tiered interest rates
  •     * $7 per month if balance falls below daily minimum
  •     * $5.00 per debit in excess of six

Time Certificates of Deposit*

“Build Your Own CD”

  •     * $500 minimum deposit
  •     * You may exchange interest rate once during the term
  •     * Add to your CD twice a year
  •     * Withdraw up to 50% of the current balance once during the term

Additional Certificates of Deposit available with competitive rates and varying terms.

Other Specialty Savings Offerings

Traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple, HSA

  •     * New, higher contribution limits
  •     * Contributions grow tax-deferred (Consult your tax advisor)
  •     * New account plans, rollovers, and transfers available

*Penalty for early withdrawal may apply

TH_CDARSR_Logo.jpg Access multi-million dollar FDIC Insurance. For more information:  CDARS