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CUSB Bank donates $50,000 for Cresco Fitness Center-Thomson Pool resurfacing project

posted on Thursday, December 12, 2019

Presenting the check to the Cresco Fitness Center (holding left corner of check) is J. Scott Thomson, CEO and President of CUSB. Receiving the check on behalf of the Cresco Fitness Center and the City of Cresco (to the right of Thomson, from left to right) Rick McCarville, Michelle Giralamo, Bill Caffrey, and Wendy Bohr. CUSB employees on hand to celebrate the donation are (from left to right) Doug McCabe, Dan Ollendick, Dean Lickteig, Mike Drees, Tasha Hart, Matt Frana, Holly Losen, Stephanie Sovereign, Emily Dohlman-Govern, Beth Huber, Jay Johnston, Doug Krabbe, Brian McConnell, Amy Roberts, Deb Novak, Lori Bronner, Holly Manske, and Melissa Walker.

CUSB Bank donates $50,000 for Cresco Fitness Center-Thomson Pool resurfacing project

CUSB Bank is proud to donate $50,000 to the Cresco Fitness Center-Thomson Pool resurfacing project. The project was completed this Fall and the improvements to the pool and spa area have been enjoyed by fitness center patrons since the beginning of November.

CUSB and the Thomson family feel this pool donation is very important to the community. CEO and President J. Scott Thomson said, “As a community, I think we realize how important the Cresco Fitness Center and Thomson Pool are to the many families that use the facility, but also for attracting new families to the Cresco area. We felt that it was important to award the City of Cresco $50,000 towards the repair to our city’s outstanding complex.”

Giving back through monetary donations and employees volunteering at events are a vital part of CUSB’s mission. Thomson said, “Part of our mission as a community-minded bank is to give back of our time, talents, and monetary donations to the communities that we are fortunate enough to serve. Our goal through the years has been to be a cornerstone for economic-community development.”

Providing workers at local events ensures their success. Thomson said, “Over the past six years we are proud of the fact CUSB Bank family members have logged over 3,000 hours representing CUSB Bank in community betterment events.”

Financial support is vital for the completion of community projects. Thomson said, “Because of our customers’ patronage, CUSB Bank has been able to donate over $1.6 million (not including payroll, utilities, taxes paid, etc.) to the communities we serve. My father Jack’s motto was ‘what’s good for the communities we serve is also good for CUSB Bank, so we must work together.’ So when you bank with CUSB, you can feel confident that you are reinvesting in the community that your family lives and works in.”

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