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posted on Friday, December 2, 2016

CUSB celebrates A Christmas Story

We triple dog dare you to find a bank with Totally Free Checking, free gifts, and cash back for you unused checks and debit cards!

Charles City by the tree

Ralphie and his mother, aka Shawn and Tera at our Charles City location.

Festive Display in Cresco

Cresco Group taking part in the festivities

Ralphie after saying.......FUDGE...and in his adorable bunny jammies!

Lime Springs display, complete with tongue stuck to a pole!

Looking festive in Lime Springs

Jessica enjoying some turkey in Osage!

Looking festive in Osage!

Mary, Jessica, and Bethany having fun in Osage!

Looking vintage in Ridgeway!

Ridgeway crew looking festive!

Somebody triple dog dared Tammy to stick her tongue to a pole! ha!

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