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Online Banking Discontinuing Support of Internet Explorer 8

posted on Thursday, June 26, 2014

As of Thursday, June 26, 2014 our on-line banking provider will no longer offer support for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). You will still be able to access on-line banking via IE8, however, you may experience limited functionality or a visibly altered user interface, as there will no longer be coding for or fixes introduced for that browser. On-line banking users will need to upgrade or switch to a supported browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox) in order to use On-Line Banking in its optimal format.

Other FAQs on this topic:

Why is the support of IE8 being discontinued?

As you may know, Microsoft discontinued support of its Window XP operating system on April 8, 2014. With the official discontinuation of XP, there will be no future security patches available from Microsoft, and therefore users on that operating system will be subject to vulnerabilities. Windows XP users aren’t able to upgrade beyond IE8, therefore, support for On-line Banking on IE8 is being discontinued. There may be some entities using proprietary software that is only able to run on XP, or that are restricted from accessing and downloading other supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox). We are giving notice so that these entities can take the time to upgrade to another supported browser.

Will you block access to on-line banking for users who attempt to login using IE8?

No, we will not block users from accessing On-Line Banking via IE8. This may change in the future when Microsoft discontinues support of IE8. Our discontinuation of support of IE8 is related to the sunset of XP support, not Microsoft’s support of IE8.

How do I update my browser?

To update Internet Explorer, go to the Microsoft Download Center: Chrome and Firefox can be downloaded by simply going to their respective web sites using your current browser. For more information, do a web search or read this article:

To find out what version you are using, go to Tools within Internet Explorer and click on "About Internet Explorer."

Who do I call with questions?

Our Customer Service Department is available to field your questions. Please call (800)397-9964.

Internet Explorer Users Notice 2014

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