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posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Congratulations to these youth on a successful Mighty Howard County Fair! We are proud to support them by purchasing their ribbons!

Addalyn Isaacson-Swine

Brady Fett-Beef

Brock Voyna-Dairy

Carver Munkel-Sheep

Chyann Bullerman-Yu-Sheep

Cloey Horns-Swine

Elise Church-Rabbit

Emma Burns-Horse

Ethan Govern-Beef

Eva Sebastian-Beef

Hannah Sunnes-Beef

Jason Ahern-Dairy

Justin Kerian-Poultry

Kaden Courtney-Horse

Kaleb Adams-Poultry

Kaylea Gosnell-Dairy

Keira Shea-Horse

Nora Ryan-Goat

Oliver Newell-Poultry

Walker Dohlman-Beef

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