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Order Checks

Order Checks

Need to order more checks?

FIRST TIME ORDER: Call us at (800) 397-9964 or bring in your reorder slip and we'll take care of the rest! 

REORDER? Bring in your reorder slip and we'll take care of the rest! Or, order online. CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE

Checks look different?

We have changed check providers and you may notice some changes.

-If you have free "diamond cut" or "club" checks, they will now be gray in color.

-You will need to select a new style of check if you selected your own style in the past.

Check styles available

Personal Catalog   Business Catalog

NOTE: Your checks will look different in the mail! They will come in a folder portfolio going forward.

Can we still use our existing checks?

Yes, you can continue to use your current checks blanks.

Are we able to keep our same account number? 

Yes.  The only change you will see is the next time you order checks they will come from Harland Clarke not Deluxe and the style may look a little different.

How many checks come in an order? 

There are 100 checks per check box.

992 to 1024