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E-Banking Business Enrollment: Business Application

To sign up for CUSB Bank’s E-Banking Solutions, please fill in the information below. Once we have verified your information, we will mail you your User ID and Password.

Customer Information
Requested Free Service
Account Information

All new accounts and new loans will automacally be added to my E-Banking. By selecting that you accept the terms below, you authorize us to provide you by mail an E-Banking ID and Password. I understand that I will receive my E-Banking ID and Password in the mail and that I will be prompted to change my Password the first time I log onto my E-Banking account. For the protection of my accounts, I will keep my E-Banking ID and Password confidential. I understand that upon my initial log-in, that I will need to read the E-Banking Agreement provided and agree to the terms before accessing E-Banking. If I have elected above to receive E-Statement Documents, I understand that I will receive an e-mail to confirm E-Statement delivery. Upon confirmation, I will be required to agree to the Electronic Statement-Interactive Agreement and Authorization in order to receive statements and notices electronically.