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Agricultural Loans

Agricultural Loans

Ag Loan Officers

We know we can't provide meaningful services without having a deep understanding of each farmer's needs and goals. That's why you'll find a level of expertise and commitment second to none when you bank with us.

We offer:

  • Crop Input Loans 
  • Operating Lines of Credit 
  • Livestock Loans 
  • Real Estate Loans 
  • Equipment Financing 
  • Construction Loans 
  • Cash Management Services 

Our agricultural real estate loans can be used for expansion, capital improvements, refinancing existing real estate loans, and restructuring debt. They are available with varying terms and fixed or variable interest rates. We will work with you to create a financing package that meets your individual needs.

Further Definitions of what we offer:

Lines of credit

  1. Advances can be made to meet the cash flow demands of a business or operation
  2. Maturity dates are set to come due at natural times in business or operational cycles
  3. Typically secured by farm/personal property

Single Maturity Loan

  1. Loans set for specific period of time with all principle and interest due upon maturity 
  2. Can be utilized for specific expenses or purchases with defined repayment such as groups of livestock, crop expenses, etc.  
  3. Typically secured by farm/personal property

Fixed rate amortized loans

  1. Loans originated with predetermined repayment periods, payment amounts, and interest rates
  2. Possible uses include machinery and equipment, capital improvements to facilities, breeding livestock, etc.
  3. Various amortizations are available, with typical periods ranging from 3 to 7 years.
  4. Typically secured by farm/personal property

Agricultural real estate loans

  1. Extended amortization loans used to finance the purchase of long term assets such as farmland and/or facilities
  2. Amortization options range from 10 to 25 years based upon the cash flow needs of the operation
  3. Typically secured by a mortgage on real estate

USDA Farm Loan Programs

CUSB Bank partners with the USDA Farm Service agency to utilize loan programs that can help farmers meet the goals and financial requirements of their operation.  Programs through the USDA Farm Service Agency can be found on their website or by visiting your local FSA office.  To learn more visit

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