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E-Statement Enrollment Process:

Log in to E-Banking

Select Account you wish to enroll

Select E-Statements

Click on Sign-Up/Changes

Follow the screen prompts

With E-Statement Documents, you will receive an e-mail alert when your bank statement is ready. When you agree to enroll in E-Statement Documents you will no longer receive a paper statement; but your statement will be available for you to view when you log in to E-Banking.

The enrollment process for E-Statement is four quick, easy steps, with a confirmation e-mail sent as soon as you are enrolled. See below for more specific enrollment instructions.

E-Statement features:

-  View your statements on-line (including images).

-  Receive notices via e-mail (e.g. Overdraft, Customer Activity, Loan Notices)

-  The ability to send copies of your statements and notices to up to three additional e-mail addresses instead of just one. For example: your home, your work, and your accountant.

Why choose E-Statements?

-  FREE!

-  Faster than paper mail! Can’t be lost or stolen!

-  Reduces clutter! Store your statement on your computer.

-  Saves paper!

-  Statements accessible for 18 months* for you to view, print or save. (*The 18 month period begins on the statement cycle following your enrollment date, allowing you to view statements going forward up to 18 months total.)

-  Notices accessible for 60 days online.


-Log in to E-Banking

-Select Account you wish to enroll. 

-Select E-Statements

-Click on Sign-Up/Changes

-Follow the screen prompts


Here's what you need to do:

-Click on E-Statements

-Select what account(s) you want to view

-Select which document types (statement or notice or all)

-Select the date range

-Select filter

If what you want to view is defaulted, when you click on e-statements you will just need to select filter. After you select filter it will display the documents requested and then you can click download to view, print or save the statements.

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