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CUSB Bank has the ability to find a loan that best fits your needs. Our loan officers can help you determine what you can afford, what type of loan would best fit your budget and lifestyle, and can help with all of the details along the way.

Meet the Lending Team:

Alex McCabeVP & Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 800-383-9936
Cody CarolanAVP & Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 800-383-9936
Diane SchickAVP & Senior Consumer Loan OfficerCall 800-383-9936
Adam MunkelAVP & Senior Consumer Loan OfficerCall 800-568-4191
Jordan GuyerVP & Senior Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 800-568-4191
Deanna HalbachVP & Senior Consumer Loan OfficerCall 800-509-0599
Doug KrabbeEVP & Head Lending OfficerCall 800-509-0599
John ThomsonAVP & Business Loan OfficerCall 800-509-0599
Josh DoddVP & Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 800-509-0599
Michele JohnsonConsumer Loan OfficerCall 800-509-0599
Curt HallettVP & Senior Consumer Loan OfficerCall 866-292-5557
Sean PitkinVP & Senior Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 866-292-5557
Austin HrdlickaAVP & Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 800-397-9964
Brian McConnellVP & Senior Consumer Loan Officer/Loan Office ManagerCall 800-397-9964
Dan OllendickVP & Senior Consumer Loan OfficerCall 800-397-9964
Deb NovakVP & Senior Consumer Loan OfficerCall 800-397-9964
Doug McCabeVP & Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 800-397-9964
Jay JohnstonSVP & Agribusiness Banking ManagerCall 800-397-9964
Levi EpleyVP & Agribusiness Loan OfficerCall 319-885-4327
Levi MeierConsumer Loan OfficerCall 319-885-4327
Jamie JordanConsumer Loan Officer/Office ManagerCall 888-411-3500

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