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Free Gift Offer

For every new personal checking account, you'll receive this great free gift!

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CUSB Bank specializes in offering personal banking products and services that save you time, are simple to use, and are available 24/7.

To start you on the road to financial success, the most important thing to do is to set personal finance goals. Once you set those goals, we can help you reach your goals with our wide array of products and services.

What are your personal finance goals?

To have options for my checking account

  • I have direct deposit.
  • I want free checks.
  • I will keep more than $1,500 in my account.
  • I want a free account.

To keep excellent records of my finances

  • I want to set a budget.
  • I want to save.
  • I want to know where my money is going.


To pay myself first

  • I want to save for retirement.
  • I want to save for a rainy day (emergency fund).
  • I want to know my savings options.

Look here for more information on Saving.

To automate my bill payments so everything is paid on time

  • I want to pay my bills on time to save on late fees.
  • I want to avoid paying late fees.

Sign up for FREE bill pay. Expedited payments available. Learn more here

To have a FREE debit card

  • I don't want to pay a fee for my card! I want it in my hands today.

CUSB offers instant issue debit cards. Stop in today and get yours. Learn more here!

To upgrade my vehicle

  • What will loan payments be? 
  • What type of personal loans should I use? 

Our CUSB Personal Lenders can help! Learn more about personal loans and check out our helpful calculators.

To own my own home or upgrade my home

  • What will my mortgage payments be? 
  • What can I afford?
  • What type of mortgaged do I want?

Our CUSB Mortgage Lenders can help! Learn more about mortgage loans and check out our helpful calculators.

Cash Back Offer

We'll buy back your debit card and unused checks

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