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Online Banking

Online Banking

With CUSB Bank's Online Banking and Bill Pay, your accounts are available virtually anytime you want. You’ll enjoy a higher level of convenience, and you can access your accounts anytime or anywhere.

Customize your online banking with this User Guide.

To sign up for On-Line Banking, complete this form: Online Banking Application

Link to CUSB Bank's On-Line Banking

Setting Up Your Online Banking Account

As long as you have internet access you are able to: 

  • Check balances and transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Reconcile accounts at any time, without waiting for a monthly statement
  • Download information
  • Pay your bills electronically
  • Pay individuals or businesses
  • Gift Checks Available
  • Rush Delivery Available


Here are all the ways we can help!

  • Check out our CUSB Bank Online Banking demo.
  • Call us to make an appointment and we’ll show you how easy online Banking can be.

Added Security

For your safety, we have added an enhanced security feature for our online Banking service. The enhanced security tracks where customers use their online Banking. After a brief monitoring period of customer’s online Banking uses, online Banking customers will be prompted to select some personal verification questions. During a future log-in, customers will be asked to answer the questions if CUSB Bank doesn’t recognize the computer or location from where the customer is logging in from. By answering the questions, CUSB Bank will be able to verify the customer’s identity and let them continue on with the online Banking process.

Example (when logging in from an unfamiliar location):

Our behavioral monitoring software has recorded a variation in your use pattern. For your protection, we ask that you verify your identity by answering your personal questions below (this is an example - you will choose the answer to the questions you chose). Once verified, you will be directed to the page you requested.

What is the first name of your grandfather (your mother's father)?

In which city was your mother born?

Be sure to choose questions that are familiar enough for you to remember. If you have any questions, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Helpful Tips:

Transactions - when you click on transactions for a particular account, you will be able to see the date items were processed, images of checks and deposits, check numbers, description of the item, debits, credits, and the balance of the account.

Download Statements - when you click on download statements, you will be able to view your banking statements for the past six months. They can be downloaded to Microsoft® Money.

Stop Payments - you may place a stop payment by using online Banking. To complete the process, print, sign, and return the form to the bank.

Transfers - you can transfer funds from one account to the other, all with just a click of your mouse.

Online Agreements

Bill Pay Terms

Mobile Banking Agreement

Financial Tools Agreement

On-Line Banking Agreement

Remote Deposit Agreement

Text Banking Agreement

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