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Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

The easiest way to pay is with your phone!

CUSB Bank is excited to offer digital wallet for its debit card holding customers.

How To Install

How to Use Digital Wallet

QUESTIONS? We've got answers! Anything else we didn't answer? Call us (800) 397-9964.

WHAT IS DIGITAL WALLET? A digital wallet refers to an electronic device or online service that allows an individual to make electronic transactions. This can include purchasing items on-line with a computer or using a smartphone to purchase something at a store. CUSB offers digital wallet so customers can use their debit card to make purchases on their phone.

WHAT DO I NEED TO HAVE DIGITAL WALLET? All you need is a CUSB Debit Card (personal or business) and a phone that offers Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.

IS THERE A FEE FOR DIGITAL WALLETS? No, this is a FREE service offered by CUSB Bank.

WHAT LAYERS OF SECURITY ARE USED WITH DIGITAL WALLET? There are essentially three layers of security used to protect your card when using digital wallet:

-EMV Chip Authentication (unique verification code sent with each transaction that cannot be replicated)

-PIN Number for card is used

-Phone security is required to use (your passcode, thumb print, or facial recognition)

With most card-present transactions, two layers of security are used: EMV Chip and PIN Number

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY DEBIT CARD EXPIRES? When your debit card expires and you activate your new card, you’ll need to:

  • Go into Wallet app and remove your card
  • Select “Add A New Card”, take a photo of your card, and follow the prompts to complete

Activating your physical debit card will NOT automatically update your digital wallet app. You’ll need to complete the steps above to continue to use your card. Not completing the steps above after activating the new card may cause the digital wallet to be declined.

WHY DO WE CALL SHAZAM TO VERIFY WHEN THE APP SAYS CALL CUSB? Shazam is CUSB’s card provider and they provide this verification service for CUSB’s customers.

WHAT WILL I BE ASKED WHEN VERIFYING MY CARD? You may be asked some of the following: Your name, your financial institution, your address, your card number, your SSN, and transaction information (businesses and dollars spent).

DOES BRELLA WORK FOR DIGITAL WALLETS? Yes, your digital card and physical card are essentially the same thing. Any blocks/restrictions that are set up within Brella apply. You will receive a fraud alert when you set up your digital wallet.

DOES ICLOUD NEED TO BE SET UP ON MY IPHONE TO USE DIGITAL WALLET? Yes, Apple Pay requires that iCloud be set up in order for Apple to work.

IF I HAVE A PASSCODE ON MY PHONE AND A PIN NUMBER FOR MY DEBIT CARD, WHEN DO I USE EACH NUMBER WHEN DOING DIGITAL WALLET? You use your phone passcode when you approach the terminal and it asks for your code to continue the transaction. Then once you move to the merchant’s terminal, you use your PIN number associated with the card to complete the transaction as you would if the card was present.

DO I NEED TO HAVE DATA ON MY PHONE FOR DIGITAL WALLET TO WORK? Yes, data needs to be turned on so that the machine and your phone can communicate.

WHAT IF I HAVE ISSUES VERIFYING MY CARD? What if I call in to verify my card and they say no such card exists? Most likely that means that either the expiration date, card number, or security code are not correct. All three need to be correct in order to set up. For this and other issues, simply delete the card and start the process over again.

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