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Congratulations on buying a new home! We know that the home buying process can be an exciting, yet difficult process. Having the right mortgage loan and loan officer can make all of the difference! Contact a CUSB Bank loan officer to apply for a mortgage loan. Or start the process now 

CUSB Bank has the ability to find a loan that best fits your needs. Our loan officers can help you determine what you can afford, what type of loan would best fit your budget and lifestyle, and can help with all of the details along the way.

Meet the Golf Team (aka Mortgage Lenders)

We invite you to see us today to start the home buying process.

Mortgage Loans

We offer:

Conventional Fixed Rate Loans

The primary benefits are: A fixed rate for various terms, competitive closing costs, and the loan servicing stays in the bank. These loans have nationally competitive interest rates.

Conventional Balloon Loans

This popular loan comes with various terms. The primary benefits are: low closing costs and flexibility.

Additional Loans

Our loan staff is also able to work with you on additional programs that are offered for an array of workable solutions for certain financial situations.

Want to build a new home?

CUSB Bank has loans to help you get started:

Construction Loans

Construction loans provide homeowners with the ability to build their home while making interest-only payments during the construction period.

Lot Loans

This loan is for individuals who wish to purchase land only as a first step toward building a new home.

Bridge Loans

 Bridge Loans provide homeowners the ability to purchase a new home while working to sell their existing home.

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