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CUSB Bank organizes ‘Hairy Fundraiser’ for COVID-19 Disaster Relief, raising $1,780

OSAGE, IOWA: John Thomson, Assistant Vice President and Consumer Loan Officer, Osage location of CUSB Bank, hadn’t had a haircut in eight months (due to COVID, partly, and also wanting to grow it out a bit). He jokingly sent out an email to his co-workers about how he needed to leave work a bit early for his hair appointment and asked how to cut his hair. A mullet? A mohawk? A friar tuck? What came back was a suggestion to make it a raffle challenge to raise money for a charity and then the winner could select his hair cut.

Thomson thought it was a great idea and with the help of a few co-workers, developed a ‘Hairy Fundraiser.’ He said, “Kevin Janssen, Michele Johnson, and I came up with the idea. I thought if we could raise some money for a good cause I am more than willing to have a ridiculous haircut for 24 hours.”

Thomson selected the COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Fund (as organized by the United Way for North Central Iowa) as the charity for the fundraiser. He said, “COVID-19 has impacted everyone and this relief fund can and has helped so many organizations in North Central Iowa, including Mitchell County.”  

CUSB Employees and family and friends of Thomson’s were invited to give a $10 raffle donation in turn for a chance to determine how John would cut his hair (if he reached his goal of raising $500). Within 90 minutes, $890 was raised and a winner was selected to determine the hairstyle.

The “friar tuck” hairstyle of shaving the top clean and leaving the rest long and framing his face was selected and Thomson went to the stylist to get the cut. Later that evening he attended Men’s League at Sunny Brae Golf Club and the following morning attended an Osage Chamber of Commerce meeting. He got some fun responses.

Thomson said, “My co-workers and people in the community love the hair! As I was revealing it at Men’s League (making sure to tell them the story before taking my hat off) there was an immediate grin on everyone’s faces and a lot of laughs. They all thought it was a unique way to raise money for a good cause.”

CUSB Bank loved the idea for the fundraiser and is matching the funds raised for a donation total of $1,780. The funds are directed to the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund set up through the United Way for North Central Iowa. For more information about this fund, go to

See John's Step By Step Hair Transformation:


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