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posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Welcome to CUSB Bank!

We’re excited to welcome customers from Security State Bank of Waverly and Shell Rock to the CUSB Family, effective March 19, 2022.

Below are some FAQs about the conversion process.

What will happen to my deposit account(s)? Will I need to do anything with my checking or savings account(s)?

Security State Bank (SSB) checking and savings accounts will transition to the CUSB Bank account that is most similar to the current account. For account terms, conditions, and fee information please refer to the packet mailed to account holders by CUSB or ask for a copy.

I want to make sure my Social Security comes in. What do I need to do?

To ensure your social security comes in correctly, please call the Waterloo Social Security Office at 888-456-9554. You’ll need to provide them CUSB’s routing number, 073903286.

Can I continue to use my SSB checks? What if I didn’t receive CUSB checks or they were wrong?

You can use your SSB checks up until March 18, 2022. Starting on March 19, 2022 you will need to use CUSB Bank checks. Each checking customer should have received a complimentary box of checks. If you did not receive any checks or if they are wrong, please let us know and we will get new checks for you.

Will I need a new debit card? 

Yes, all current SSB debit card holders will receive a CUSB Bank debit card. You will receive your new card shortly before March 18. CUSB and SSB both issue cards with Shazam, therefore, the transition to your new card should be simple. When you get your new card, call the phone number on the card to activate and to set your PIN number.  You should use your new debit card starting Monday, March 21. SSB Debit cards should stop working March 18.

I can’t get my debit card activated. What am I doing wrong?

In order to activate your debit card, you need to call from the number that Shazam (the card provider) has on file. When you got your debit card, did you have a land line? If so, it may be set up under your land line phone number. To change the phone number on Shazam, please contact us to get it updated.

Will I need to make changes to direct deposits and automatic payments?

Yes, you will need to make changes. You will need to contact all companies that you have recurring automatic transactions to or from your account or your debit card. These may include utility and insurance companies, cell phone provider, Social Security Administration, or payroll. 

  • If an automatic transaction is set up with your account number, ask the company to change the routing number to CUSB Bank’s routing number, 073903286.
  • If it is a recurring debit card transaction, please give the company our new CUSB Bank debit card information before the next payment is scheduled.
  • CUSB also offers ClickSWITCH, an automated system for changing direct deposit and automatic payments. For access to this system, let CUSB know in person or sign up now 

 Will there be changes to Online Banking?

Yes, all current SSB online banking customers will need to take action to access CUSB’s E-Banking Solution after March 18.

  1. Access CUSB’s E-Banking Solution on our web site, and/or download the app in the Apple or Google Play stores. We have one login for all E-banking (desktop or mobile). You DO NOT SELECT FIRST TIME USER.
  2. For username and password, please refer to the packet of information sent by CUSB.
  3. Our app is very highly rated and features Free Bill Pay, Financial Tools, Mobile Deposit, Transfers, and more. You will love it.
  4. If you are not currently enrolled in SSB’s Online Banking, you can enroll anytime for CUSB Bank’s FREE E-Banking Solution on our Web site.

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