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posted on Thursday, April 21, 2022

Meet Cody Carolan, Agribusiness Lender at our Ridgeway Location!

Cody Carolan

Cody Carolan

Assistant Vice President & Agribusiness Loan Officer

Ridgeway Location (800) 383-9936

Years at CUSB and in Banking: 5

When you're not working at CUSB, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy spending time with my wife Megan at our farm. We have a small cow/calf herd and row crop farm corn, beans, and alfalfa. We have 5 nieces that love to come to the farm and see the cows/calves and go for gator rides around the pasture.

Cody's niece and a new calf

Cody’s Niece Caroline with a heifer calf

What question are you asked often by customers?

Q: How does a young Beginning Farmer get financing for their first farm purchase with today’s high land prices and still be able to cashflow?

A: Our goal at CUSB Bank is to make sure young farmers are provided the appropriate guidance and resources when it comes to purchasing your first farm. We provide assistance step by step from the application process for a bank participated Beginning Farmer Loan through the Farm Service Agency or the Iowa Finance Authority. Its important that the lender assists in building and analyzing a detailed cashflow while also discussing future goals with the borrower to put them on the right track, selecting the beginning farmer program that would benefit them the most.

cody planting last season

Cody planting Corn (2021)

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