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posted on Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Josh Dodd

Josh Dodd, Assistant Vice President & Agribusiness Loan Officer

Osage Location (800) 509-0599

Years at CUSB: 3

Years in Banking: 8

When you’re not working at CUSB, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, and this time of year coaching wrestling! Osage has a very good team this year, along with some very exciting individuals to watch.

Osage Wrestling heads to State

What question are you asked often by customers?

Q: How can I make my business or farming operation better/more profitable?

A: In today’s fasted pace business and farming environment, building a good team is very important.  You need to have some trusted advisors.  Having an excellent CPA, attorney, and banker that all communicate is a huge advantage for any operation.  It is also a benefit to deal with a bank that can handle any-and-all financial transactions or needs you may have.  CUSB has professionals that deal with personal and/or business accounts, online banking, nearly any type of loan you or your business may need, as well as experts to help transition your operation to the next generation.  Finding the correct solutions for you and your operation is much easier when you have an abundance of tools and effective communication.

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